This hound is only one of the thousands of dogs whose life changed after meeting their saviors. While there are those cruel men who mistreat hounds, there are humans like this woman you are about to meet who has such a beautiful heart.

She did not only rescue one stray pooch, but she gave him the chance to take on adventures with her. Wonder where the woman brings the pup into? Well, it is something we’d utterly be jealous about!


Their story began when this lady, Ivy Diep noticed the little boy crossing over a busy road. He was so thin and malnourished, searching for leftovers to feed his hungry tummy. The woman did not immediately go to rescue the pup. But after returning later in the day and finding the pooch in the same area, it urged her to make an action.

Ivy approached him to see if he would let her pick him up, and the pup did. She brought the hound to her home to temporarily give him a place to stay while she looks for a worthy adopter. But little did Ivy know, the pup is going to knock her with its charm.

She fell in love with the hound, and she kept him for herself.

That began the complete turnaround of this hound’s life. Ivy dressed, fed, and showered him with lots of affection. She gave him a name too, Popeye.

Having been with him for some time, Ivy noticed that Popeye disliked being alone so started to bring her in pet-friendly restaurants.

From searching scraps in the streets to dining in restaurants all over Los Angeles, this pup is just lucky!

Ivy made an Instagram page of Popeye’s adventures with her, posting photos of him posing in front of delectable goodies. She did not expect the page would amass hundred thousands of followers and we are sure it’s because Popeye is undeniably photogenic!

People need not worry though about the food as Popeye is only posing and not consuming it unless it is dog-friendly. His parents make sure to bring his favorite treats along!

Ivy wants to inspire others with the Instagram page to bring their dogs in their ventures as all pooches ever wanted is to be with their humans!

Source at popeyethefoodie via Instagram



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