Have you ever found yourself wondering where time has gone? Maybe it was because you were watching adorable videos online, and you just had to click one video after the other. Don’t worry; you are not alone. It’s easy to lose track of time when you watch these cute and adorable videos.

One type of particular viral video that gets a lot of attention is dog videos. Whether its a rescue, a reunion, or a short clip of them playing, these videos will certainly demand your attention. They also have a way of drawing out a lot of emotions. Take, for example, this short clip of a dog that meets cows for the first time.

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The dog in this viral video is a Swedish Bulldog named Manfred. Like any other dog, Manfred is quite curious and can become nosy. When his owners brought him to a farm, he was quickly enamored with the place. He ran around and inspected the area, then, he saw a group of steers staying in a fenced area.

With his human in tow, Manfred went to the bulls to investigate. Gentle and loving, Manfred went near the bulls but stayed within the fence line. These creatures were way much bigger than him, and he could easily get injured. But the bulls were equally gentle.

When they saw the adorably wrinkly pooch come near them, they bent their heads to kiss him. Manfred, loving the attention, kissed them as well. There they were, three bulls lovingly licking a small dog who was enjoying every minute of it. Some of the bulls also noticed what was happening and joined in on the fun.

It’s always great to make new friends. This is undoubtedly a day that Manfred will never forget. Hopefully, he can do a visit again. Check out the incredibly adorable video below.

Source: Stefan Danielsson via Youtube



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