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Ride-hailing applications have become a trend in recent years. This allows a car owner to share their ride to a customer. The most common ride-hailing applications are Grab and Uber. These companies, though, do not let dogs be part of the trip.

As dog lovers, this might pissed or disappoint you since this rule borders to animal discrimination. In one way or another, this rule may be valid because we all know that dogs can turn messy at times, especially during car rides.

But recently, though, Uber has introduced an innovation that will be a win-win for all dog lovers in the United States. The company added an update that will allow pets, including dogs, to be part of a trip. Known as the Uber Pet, this innovation started in Latin American countries like Brazil and Mexico.


Uber made a compromise because they know that there are rare instances that riders need a ride with their dogs. Although the option is not available for all drivers, some drivers will allow such, Uber explained.

According to Uber’s website, the option will be available beginning October 16 in selected American cities. Some of the places included are Denver, Philadelphia, Tampa, Phoenix, and Austin.

The option, though, comes with a price. When the rider selects this option, he or she has to pay an additional charge that will range from $3 to $5. This will depend on what city the application was used. Uber explained that the fee would go directly to the drivers, and in no way, will be added to the base fare. Uber further explained that the rationale for the surcharge is to give drivers money for their vehicle’s maintenance.

The company seeks to make this innovation available worldwide. They are just fixing some needed agreements before venturing out on the possibility of making this innovation across continents.

Credits to 9News Denver.



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