At some point in our daily lives, we get tired. With all the activities that we do throughout the day, it’s not surprising that our bodies run out of fuel, making us take a breather to replenish it.

With this, let’s take a look at a particular Husky who takes a breather on the floor. However, it seems this worn-out pooch performs a unique move for it to drink water without standing.

Just a sip of water and I’m good.

In this short yet exciting video clip, an adorable Husky lies down on their carpeted floor. By the looks of it, the Husky’s too exhausted to move as it remains motionless on the floor.


But, unlike most dogs, this Husky doesn’t directly close its eyes and take an afternoon nap as it starts licking at something on the floor. If you look closely, you’ll soon see what this comical Husky’s doing at the moment.

It turns out; this adorable Husky came back tired after taking a short walk with its fur parent. As the activity ultimately wore the pooch out, the Husky immediately lay down on the floor, but not without taking a sip out of its water bowl.

Umm, do you mind standing for a bit?

As the video progresses, this hilarious Husky carries on with its comical way of drinking water. The pooch places its head on the water bowl to drink from the container without standing.

This scenario carried on throughout the entire video, with the dog not showing any signs of moving at all. However, when it finally had its fill, the pooch starts stretching in place.

But, do you think the dog-tired Husky finally stood up after doing some stretching? You’ll never know unless you watch the video until the very end.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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