Street dogs need some love, too! In some cities, the population of street dogs is hard to control, prompting the leaders to resort to violent measures. Many places around the world exterminate dogs like they’re some kind of pest just to curb their number.

But sometimes, this is not the best solution. One of the best ways to keep the dogs’ population under control is to promote neutering and spaying. Rescuing street dogs and putting them up for adoption are also effective ways to address this problem.

In the state of Louisiana, the struggle with the overpopulation of homeless animals has worsened. This is because of the closure of many animal shelters due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. What was sad about this issue was that the citizens were dealing with it by shooting dogs.


But amidst this problem, there is a story of hope.

The story of Bear, Lady, and Ruffian

In the previous weeks, a local saw six dead dogs lying on the road. One of them was a mother with puppies; they were found underneath a shed near the school. One local alerted the school’s lunch lady who then provided the three pups named Bear, Lady, and Ruffian, with temporary care. She even bottle-fed them.

The lunch lady then contacted Heart of Louisiana, a local humane society, for help. The three baby pooches were transferred to Helen Woodward Animal Center in California.

Since then, the pups had received their health check-ups, vaccines, and microchips. Soon, the three puppies will be spayed and neutered so that they will be ready for adoption.

A constant effort to rescue dogs

Jennifer Shorey, an operations director for Helen Woodward Animal Center, commended Heart of Louisiana. She said that the organization was an incredible rescue partner.

She added that despite the closures of many shelters in Louisiana, the said organization continued to do the hard work of rescuing orphaned pets. Caitlin Hemphill, a spokesperson for Heart of Louisiana, said in return that they couldn’t express their gratitude enough for Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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