Times are hard nowadays and with the current health crisis. Most of us are staying at home to practice social distancing. With that being said, people are bored out of their minds. Luckily for some, they have dogs to keep them company during the quarantine period.

Aviel, a woman from Brooklyn, decided to do something good while she works from home. She decided to foster a dog in need named Ethel. The puppy is three-months-old and is very calm and quiet.

Aviel introduces Ethel to Chicken. Not not the dish, that’s the name of her other dog. It took Chicken and Ethel five minutes of interaction to become the best of friends.


While working and doing a video conference with her workmates, she introduces Ethel to them. The coworkers love hers and think she’s cute.
She also adjusted her apartment to accomodate the small dog.

Aviel’s apartment has a staircase going down, so she created a makeshift baricade. This was to prevent Ethel from falling down by accident. On the following days, Aviel thought of challenges to do with Ethel to entertain herself.

On the 2nd day, she tried doing her skincare routine while carrying Ethel. She also mentions how the rescue organization provided her with a supply of dog food and some medication for Ethel. She also mentions websites that cater to dog food delivery during this time.

Aviel also tried making a sandwich while holding Ethel. She tried doing yoga while the dogs are running around. She’s thankful to have a backyard that can cater to the dog’s playful energy.

At the end of the video, Aviel mentions how people should try to foster as well during this uncertain period. Dogs help relieve a lot of stress, boredom, and anxiety. She reminds everyone as well to stay safe and healthy.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.



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