Sylvester is a dog owned by a couple. He has several issues that are hard to deal with. The couple sought the help of a professional dog trainer named Victoria Stilwell. Here is how the training session went.

Sylvester is afraid of the leash. If his owners try to put it on him, he will run away and hide behind a bush. The owners usually have to chase him around so they can attach the leash.

Sylvester also chewed a lot of things inside the house. He has destroyed the couch, the television remote control, and more. The biting problem is very severe.


Lastly, Sylvester is very fearful. He would hide from guests and avoid any contact with strangers. He’s a dog who’s afraid of everyone.

Victoria presented several solutions to Sylvester’s problem. The first one involved the leash. She took a spoon full of peanut butter and made Sylvester lick it near the leash. This was a method of making him associate the leash with food.

The peanut butter trick worked. It became easy for the owners to attach a leash to him. Food was also a key factor in helping Sylvester overcome his fear of people. Victoria taught the couple how to use the touch command with treats as an incentive.

Sylvester would be asked to touch the palm of someone’s hand. If he does that, then he gets food. This was Victoria’s classic way of training dogs.

Regarding Sylvester’s chewing problem, Victoria recommended more exercise for the dog. Usually, a nervous and bored dog will resort to chewing when they have no other outlet. Sylvester’s problems were solved.

A new problem arose when Sylvester became more confident. He became too excited to go on walks and would often drag his owners. It was a safety hazard, so the trainer had to provide another solution for the newfound issue.

Victoria taught the couple how to redirect Sylvester during walks. Whenever he tries to pull in one direction, the owners should redirect him in the opposite direction. This was done in repetition until Sylvester no longer tried to drag the owners.

Video courtesy of It’s Me or The Dog via YouTube.



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