A backyard is a usual place where dogs play and hangout. If the backyard is boring, the dogs won’t have as much fun. That’s why people like Antonio Ballatore love renovating backyards so that dogs have a better living experience. This story is about the time Antonio turned a backyard into a dog town.

Antonio is a designer who loves to build things for dogs. On one occasion, he renovated an entire backyard for one family. Before he started, the backyard was barren and contained almost nothing. After he finished, it had everything that a dog would ever need.

Antonio showed the family what he added to the yard. He first led them to the renovated shed. It was the place where the dogs are fed.


There was a gate installed inside the shed that acts as a barrier to the kitchen. The dogs had to wait on the other side, so there would be less chaos during mealtimes. Also, the food containers are organized, and everything inside is easy to clean.

Antonio showed an amenity called the “king of the hill.” It was a ramp with a tunnel underneath. It was covered in synthetic grass and was inspired by the favorite activities that the family’s dogs loved.

Antonio then presented the dog houses. They weren’t ordinary dog houses. They were designed well and looked like miniature modern homes for people. The roofs are insulated, and they were placed under the shade of the trees.

Antonio also built a mini-resort for the dogs that had two small pools. There was a water pump that a dog could press if they want to drink some water. The family was amazed at how well-designed it was.

Of course, Antonio didn’t forget about the owners. He also built an area for the family to relax while they let the dogs play. The family area has a wooden roundtable and some comfy sofas too.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet via YouTube.



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