Fostering dogs is the best activity that a lot of people are doing during the lockdown period. Many good stories have been shared online about fostering, and people can’t get enough of them. Here is another foster tale featuring a Golden Retriever.

Kim Downie already has two retriever dogs, so she thought it would be wonderful to foster another one. She fostered a puppy named Shamrock. The puppy was surrendered because of vision issues.

Shamrock loves to interact with Kim’s other dogs. At first, she doesn’t know how to interact. Shamrock got the hang of it once the other dogs taught her how to be a golden retriever.


The older dogs taught Shamrock how to roll in the mud and play without care. They also let her drink out of their water bowl. Shamrock loves to bite on the older dogs’ tails because they don’t mind it.

Kim also took the initiative to train Shamrock. It’s the right age to train a dog basic leash training. Shamrock learned how to sit and do other basic commands.

In the beginning, Shamrock didn’t like being held or picked up. However, after two weeks, she learned to be more comfortable with the human touch. The other dogs giving her affection also helped with building up her comfort.

After some time, Kim found people who are willing to adopt Shamrock. They scheduled a meeting. If it goes well, the family may take Shamrock on the same day. Kim was nervous and happy at the same time.

Kim got emotional when she had to give Shamrock to her new owners. She knows the puppy will be in the right place. The new owners have two other dogs and a child. Shamrock is going to a place full of joy and excitement.

Video courtesy of The Dodo Foster Diaries via YouTube.



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