If we could get rid of one thing from the face of the Earth aside from poverty and war, that would most probably be traffic. Being stuck in traffic is like the nightmare of all nightmares and makes you wish you had superpowers to fly about the city. Well, as it turns out, humans are not the only ones irritated by the daily traffic, even pups are too!

This particular French bulldog hailing from Austin, Texas, who goes by the name Walter Geoffrey, was one day stuck in the dreaded traffic with his owner, Amber Martin. The roads were pretty jam-packed that day, and Walter was definitely not happy about it.

In the short clip, Walter can be seen comfortably sitting on an adorable plush car seat at the back seat of the car, but his chubby face says the opposite of comfortable. He was narrowing his eyes and holding back his complaints as his mom tells him, “Let’s just not right now.”


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He then looks around at the cars sitting still and started growling under his breath. A few moments later, Walter just couldn’t bear the delay anymore that he threw his head back and began howling like an impatient baby. Although his howls were pretty cute and charming, this doesn’t just couldn’t move the traffic at all.

Amber responds that she couldn’t do anything about the traffic, but Walter keeps on wailing and complaining. Well, it can be quite frustrating to wait for the car in front to budge a bit and letting the minutes pass just sitting there. So we perfectly understand you, Walter! This pup already has an Instagram account with more than 580,000 followers, which probably explains his very diva-like tantrum.

Well, he sure is a very influential Instagram persona who doesn’t deserve any kind of delay at all.

Look at his adorable tantrum and expressive irritation over traffic here.

Courtesy of Rumble Viral



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