Self-confessed dog lovers want no less than the best for their pets. This applies to doggy birthday parties. If you are planning a big bash for your pup’s yearly milestone, perhaps not to be outdone by your neighbor’s, here are the things you need.

Cool invites

Of course a party is not a party without the awesomest of guests. So for a fun birthday celebration for your pup, you must invite all of their doggy friends from the park and their respective owners.

To get your message out, get some cool invites designed. You can have these invites made professionally or, if you are creative enough, the DIY way. If you want to spare the trees, you can settle with nice-looking digital invites, which you can post on your social media.


Cool venue


If you do not have the budget to rent out a party space, you can just use your yard if it’s of a decent size. Do not make the mistake of throwing a party indoors however. The risks are high even with a gang of otherwise friendly canine.

Now if you have not enough space in your yard for a big bash, and are ready to go all out, renting a pet-friendly space is also a good option. Just make sure you sign a favorable deal with your contractor.

Cool décor

You can either keep it simple or extravagant. It depends on your personal preference and what you feel your dog will enjoy. Either way, do not keep your venue bare and uninteresting.

Themes are fun and you might want to consider this. Prepare party hats for your guests so you all look festive in photos. Do not forget the streamers and banners to accentuate your venue.

Cool food & beverages

It’s not a party unless there’s sufficient food for dogs and their humans alike. Do not forget the birthday cake! You can easily whip one out using a Youtube tutorial video.

To impress your pups and human guests, prepare “pupsicles” made of nonfat yogurt and banana bits. Have ample supply of canine treats, and yes, chips and cookies for humans.

Bowls of water should be of sufficient supply. You don’t want your furry visitors to get thirsty after all the snaking they will do.

Cool games

Competition is not all that bad. So long as it stays friendly. So cook up games that your furry and human guests will both enjoy. Consider scattering small balls in the venue for dogs to scavenge. You might want to stage a best trick competition as well.

Do not forget games for humans, too. Something as simple but fun as dog-related charade will do.

Cool party bags

You do not want your guests to leave empty hand. Allot a table solely for doggy bags. Put in some wonderful treats in it like cookies and fun toys. You can get all of these supplies from your fave pet shop.

Lastly, party hard! But for the sake of all of your furry and human friends, please do party safe.



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