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Dogs differ in so many ways in terms of intelligence and talent. However, not all dogs have the same upbringing, so some dogs can learn commands quickly while others can categorize their toy collection. This was what Claudia Fugazza, a medical doctor from Eotvos Lorand University, recently discovered.

Fugazza mentioned that while all dogs seem to learn commands at a given pace, not all dogs can learn more complex concepts like categorizing toys. In her almost a decade of research, Fugazza said that not all dogs are capable of mastering the complex task of categorizing toys. However, she also found out that Border Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds.

She specifically worked with six dogs of this breed, namely Whisky, Rico, Max, Squall, Gaia, and Nalani. The dogs are from different countries like Spain, Hungary, United States, Netherlands, and Brazil. In one of her researches, Fugazza involved the six dogs in a friendly competition.


According to Fugazza, she is inclined to believe that all six dogs are smart in different ways. But for the sake of fun and friendly competition, she will engage the six dogs in various tests. These tests will assess the different skills these six dogs possess.

In an interview, Fugazza mentioned that the competition would be broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook so people would get a chance to witness how the six dogs would fare in the challenge. It will kick off on November 11 and will end on December 16.

Each episode will showcase two dogs competing until the two finalists face off in the championship round. The competition revolves around two critical challenges.

The first one will test the dogs’ capability of learning the names of six toys. Meanwhile, the other challenge will assess the dogs’ ability to learn the names of 12 new toys in one week.

Credits to Genius Dog Challenge.



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