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With everyone working from home now, we have seen all sorts of bloopers during live telecasts. We have seen pets barging in unexpectedly or making noise in the background.

Our number one friend who has been getting a lot of these exposures is non-other than our furry friendly dogs. They seem to be good at interrupting you at work in an adorable way.


Paul Dellegatto is a weather reporter from Fox 13 News in Tampa, Florida. He also has an adorable and fluffy dog named Brody.

One time, Paul is sharing the weather forecast when his dog has suddenly appeared and approached him. Unfortunately, his dog has knocked his and disabled the display of the forecast map.

Paul, being the professional that he is, continued to report the forecast. However, Brody doesn’t seem to be finished yet and wanted to say hello to everyone.

Brody is apparently good friends with the camera guy, Craig. He is looking for him, not knowing that he’s right in front of Craig’s camera and all of Tampa, Florida viewers.

Craig is on the other side of the room. He is covered in blankets to prevent the reflection going into Paul’s room, so Brody can’t see him.

Brody is determined and has kept searching for Craig. Brody doesn’t realize that his face is already all over Craig’s camera.

Paul can’t believe that Brody has stolen his show, and his colleague, Linda, has gotten a good laugh at it. Linda doesn’t mind Brody and actually enjoyed it.

Brody steals the show during Paul's forecast

BRODY STEALS THE SHOW! It doesn't matter if FOX 13's Paul Dellegatto has work to do — his pup Brody just wants allllllll the attention! 😂

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Thursday, April 16, 2020

This is perhaps our new normal when it comes to having dogs around while you work. It sometimes can’t be helped that our playful, curious, and clumsy friends drop by at work.

When things go back to how it is before, we’ll definitely miss working from home. For now, let’s just all enjoy the fun from these goofy bloopers with our dogs.

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