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Nowadays, it is easier to be well-known or popular with the advent of social media. Just one click and it could bring you instant fame, especially if you show funny and silly acts. This narrative is also real with dogs.

This dog, however, is not famous because of his funny and silly acts. The dog became famous because of his distinct physical feature. Lucky, a Chihuahua mix, is taking the internet by storm because of his peculiar features.

His road to stardom began when his owner posted a photo of him on Facebook. There it was shown what kind of face he has. Compared to other dogs, Lucky is extra special for his owner because of how he looks.


In the photo uploaded online, Lucky seemed to have a think eyebrow on the right side of his right eye. His eyes are likewise different since one is color brown, and the other is blue.

Charice Fra Cha, Lucky’s owner, shared in an interview how she came across the dog. Cha said that one day, she saw a Facebook post with Lucky’s photo on it and was captioned “for adoption.” Before seeing the post, Cha is already contemplating adopting a pooch.

The post was a blessing in disguise, Cha shared because she liked what she saw in Lucky. For her, it was love at first sight. Due to this, she immediately contacted Lucky’s owner to tell him she’s interested in taking the dog under her custody.

After she finished the needed documentation for Lucky’s adoption, Cha brought the dog home. In their spare time, Cha and Lucky love to take photos together. Cha, on the other hand, always features the dog on her Facebook page.

Since many people are taking notice of Lucky’s peculiarity, Cha decided to post photos of the dog more frequent. As a result of this, Lucky got featured in several websites and blogs about dogs where dog-loving netizens praise the dog for always being camera-ready.

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