Dogs are some of the most territorial animals to live on this planet. Once our canine pals settled in on a place, it’s almost impossible to make them change their minds and look for another area.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see a Bulldog throwing a hilarious temper tantrum when it finds out that its previous room became a nursery. By the looks of it, the Bulldog’s fur mom needs a lot of convincing work to do for the pooch to accept this new reality.

Mom, where’s my room?

In this funny video footage, an adorable Bulldog named Murphy stands outside a door. By the looks of it, Murphy wants to go inside the room, but as the door’s locked, he needs to wait for someone to open it.


Seeing this, Mom asks the pooch if he wants to go inside. Murphy then takes a fleeting glance at Mom before he starts scrambling towards the door.

Understanding the pooch’s response, Mom opens the door. The excited pooch then saunters towards the room’s entrance, but as soon as Mom turned on the lights, Murphy became confused.

Give me back my room!

With a bewildered look on his face, Murphy takes a look at the room they just entered. It seems the Bulldog’s puzzled with the new look of the room.

It turns out; Murphy used to own the room. But, as Mom’s expecting a baby soon, she converts the pooch’s place into a nursery, much to Murphy’s dismay.

After a moment of confusion, Murphy then takes decisive steps towards the baby necessities scattered on the floor. Without so much as a warning, the annoyed pooch throws a fit, throwing and scattering everything it sees.

By the looks of it, Murphy’s annoyed that Mom turned his haven into a baby’s room. But, how do you think it’ll react when Mom shows the crib? Make sure to watch the video until the end for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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