Popeye had a family with whom he spent his early years with. Sadly, a fire burnt down their home. Without any other option left, his family decided to move into a different state, but when they left, they didn’t bring Popeye with them.

The poor dog lived on his own since his owners left. He waited for a very long time, but no one came to pick him up. Fortunately, a kind neighbor saw him. He fed Popeye while he sought for help.


Eventually, the Good Samaritan got in contact with Hope Paws, and the rescue organization’s founder and lead rescuer, Eldad Hagar, responded quickly. He drove straight to the said rescue site. When he arrived, Eldad spotted Popeye on the alley right next to the burned house.

Armed with a tasty cheeseburger, Eldad came approaching. He immediately realized how much Popeye wanted to be near humans. He offered him pieces of the cheeseburger, and the dog happily accepted it.

Popeye felt incredibly grateful. He thanked his rescuer for his kindness and asked him to play tug for a few minutes. He was such a sweet, sweet boy, so Eldad gladly obliged.

Once Popeye finished the tasty treat, Eldad encouraged him to walk to the Hope For Paws vehicle. He voluntarily and willingly hopped into the passenger seat. Throughout their ride to the hospital, the dog behaved well, but he was so excited to finally feel safe.

Popeye received medical attention to make sure he’s in perfect shape. Soon, he continued to foster with It’s The Pits Dog Rescue. He was lucky to spend some quality time with a loving foster, but he was more fortunate to find someone who wanted to love him forever.

Popeye’s foster mom fell deeply in love with him. In no time, she decided to let the dog stay with them for good. And Popeye didn’t just get a new mom; he also gained three kitty siblings he gets along great with. Congratulations, Popeye!

Credits to Hope For Paws



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