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For stray dogs, establishments that let them in are a gift from heaven. Some give them food and water. Some even let them spend the night and sleep inside.

IKEA, known for its many furniture and room models, is one of these establishments. This specifically pertains to the IKEA located in Catania, Sicily in Italy.

This IKEA branch has had its doors open to stray dogs not only at night but even during the day. They are allowed to roam around the store to find a comfortable place to nap in.


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Fortunately, customers found this gesture as something heart-warming. They applaud the branch for doing something that is not very common with establishments like this.

When asked about it, IKEA customer Martine Taccia said that this move is such an amazing show of compassion from the store. She also noted that some dogs even find a family to bring them home as they wander around the store.

Another customer interviewed was Linda Charter Scala, who attested that aside from food and shelter, the stray dogs also receive regular visits from animal workers to make sure they are in stable physical condition. Other customers also note that the dogs have become a familiar presence inside the store.

It is awe-inducing that these stray dogs have found an unlikely ally with this IKEA branch. Not many establishments can say that they have extended this much compassion not just to humans who pay for their services, but also to stray animals who are only seeking shelter.

This IKEA branch in Catania has also been gaining popularity in the online world as its customers snap photos of the dogs.

Here’s to hoping that more establishments follow the footsteps of this IKEA store and practice more kindness and empathy to our furry friends.

Original story sourced from The Good News Network.



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