Siberian Huskies are known for their white and silver fur, their signature eye color, and their love for anything cold. On this day, this husky revealed another side that we don’t regularly see from their breed, and it just made them even more delightful.

This husky’s name is Azlan, and he’s a pampered pet. One day, while his mama was sleeping, he decided to take one of her tennis shoes and hide it somewhere.


When his mom woke up, she discovered that one of her shoes was missing. She confronted Azlan immediately. The fur pet had a lot to say about it, and at first, he didn’t want to admit hiding the shoe.

Unfortunately, the doggo’s mom wasn’t one to back down from challenges like this. She knew that her dog had something to do with it, and she had to teach him how to own up.

Azlan tried to reason out, howling his protests and his reasons all in one. His hooman had no chill, and after a few minutes of arguing, the dog had zero wriggle room, so he was forced to do the right thing.

His owner may have the upper hand this time, but she didn’t control everything. Azlan howled and stomped off all the way to where he hid this most-coveted shoe.

He didn’t understand the big deal; it’s just sneakers, so why the third degree? It’s about manning up and making the necessary changes to your actions to make everything right, pet!

Be grateful for your strict mom who loves you enough to show you proper manners. You’ll realize that once you get to socialize again. You made the right decision in bringing that shoe back, Azlan.

We have to admit that your protests were charming, and they reminded us of how we were when we didn’t know better yet. Thank goodness for life lessons and strict moms, eh?

Photo and video credits to Rumble Viral via YouTube



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