Service dogs are trained for specific purposes. Some of them know how to assist blind or disabled people. Some are trained to sense changes in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Others can detect when a seizure is about to hit.

Major, a Labrador and pit bull mix, was one of those service dogs that could detect upcoming seizures. His owner, US marine veteran Terry McGlade, was hit by a bomb while on duty. Because of this, he sometimes had seizures.

McGlade adopted Major to assist him whenever he had seizure attacks. Aside from this, the dog also helped him deal with PTSD.


McGlade trained his service dog to contact 911 in case of an emergency. He taught Major to put his paw on the screen of his phone. The phone would then automatically dial 911.

And that’s exactly what the dog did one day when his owner suffered from a seizure attack. As McGlade lay on the ground, the dog managed to get the phone out of his owner’s pocket. Then Major prompted the phone to dial 911 by pressing on the screen for a long time.

At first, the 911 dispatchers were confused when the call came in. When they asked what the emergency was, they heard a male voice in the background speaking incoherently. Major, who made the call, did not make any noise.

Major called 911 several times until they finally understood what was going on. They sent help to McGlade’s address right away.

When the responders arrived, Major was outside the house, waiting for them. He directed them to where his owner was.

Thanks to Major, McGlade received treatment immediately. The veteran spent a night in the hospital and was discharged the following day.

Because of what Major did, McGlade now considers the dog his hero. He said Major was like “an extension” of his body in that he wouldn’t “operate in the everyday world” if the dog was not in his life.

Source: Steve Grzanich via YouTube



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