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Dog lovers extend their affection and a little something to share like food, water, or a hug whenever they interact with dogs. Anything more than this is considered extraordinary. And if you’re truly a dog lover, everything comes out effortlessly, especially when you get paid back with dog hugs and licks.

Tashi, a Labrador Retriever, received an unusual gift from his friend, Jeff, the mailman. Not a chew toy nor a treat, but something even his family would be grateful for.


Every time Jeff the mailman would pass by, he would be greeted by his friend Tashi; this has become a routine for them. But Tashi is already a senior dog – 14-years-old, to be exact. For an old dog like Tashi, it’s a struggle to even move around, especially up and down the stairs. And to greet his mailman friend, he needs to use the stairs.

Tashi’s fur mom, Karen Dimetrosky, would help her with this and would carry him, but it would cause her back pains since Tashi is a big heavy dog. Jeff noticed this inconvenience and came up with an idea.

Jeff used to own a dog, Odie, who had the same problems as Tashi during his senior years. He made a ramp for his dog so he can go up and down easily. And since Odie has already passed away, Jeff decided to give the ramp to Tashi’s family.

He noticed that Tashi’s family hadn’t installed the ramp, for they are not handy people, so Jeff kindly volunteered to do this himself during his day off. All these for his beloved friend Tashi.

Now that Tashi has a brand new ramp, he can easily go out every day to greet his favorite friend, Jeff, and maybe even make more friends.

Source: DailyCamera Photo via Youtube



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