When dogs love their humans, they don’t see any age, color, sex, or built. They just see them as their world and pour all of their love for them. This is a pure and genuine affection that is not hinged on any condition. This is why it is so sad when some people shun their dogs when they grow older.

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Like any creature, dogs are more susceptible to illnesses when they get into their senior years. They also have lower levels of energy, making them less playful and active. Some dog owners either don’t have the resources to care for them, or flat out refuses to give the extra love and care that they require. When this happens, these senior dogs get neglected, or worse, thrown out of the house.


Replaced by a younger pooch


A dog named Betty lived a happy and wonderful life. She enjoyed the comforts of a home that has everything she needs. They had a yard where she can run and play in the summer, and they had a warm home for the terribly cold winters in their area.  Then, of no fault of her own, she grew old.

When Betty turned eight, she started to have some skin conditions. Her fur was quickly shedding, and nothing was growing back. She also seemed tired all the time. Her owners tried to give her away, but no one wanted her. She was a special needs dog that had extra needs.

Without any takers, they simply brought her out of the house and tied her to the fence. For a couple of years, Betty was exposed to the elements, and her health conditions only seemed to get worse. She once lived comfortably with her owners; now, her place was taken over by a younger dog.

One winter season, a volunteer dog rescuer saw the poor pooch shivering, surrounded by two feet of snow. She talked to the owners and was able to persuade them to give the dog to her. The first thing she did was take Betty to a vet. There, she received multiple prescriptions for her health issues.

The kind-hearted rescuer also took her in and fostered her. In time, Betty was soon getting better. She was once again inside a loving home away from the harsh weather. Hopefully, she will find a forever home soon.

Source: STRAY PAWS via Youtube



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