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Kayla Filoon will do everything for dogs who are in need. One day, when she was with her dogs in their usual strolling activity, the woman stumbled upon a stray pooch. At first, she did not mind the dog because she thought that he was with the students of Temple University. But when Kayla asked the students, it became clear to her that the pit bull was a stray.

Concerned about the dog’s condition, Kayla immediately took action. When she saw the pooch, the pit bull was in bad shape. In an interview, Kayla said that the dog had a bleeding tail, an itchy skin, and an eye infection. This affected Kayla because she could not bear to see the pooch suffering.

Kayla decided to bring the pooch to a nearby clinic to get treated. At the clinic, the veterinarian assured Kayla that everything would be alright with the dog. Kayla waited until the veterinarian gives another update.


When the attending veterinarian finished with the procedures, she told Kayla that the dog is safe from any danger. This assurance gave Kayla a sigh of relief. Since the dog is still recovering, the dog had to stay in the clinic for a few days.

When she returned, Kayla made a tough decision to adopt the pooch for good. She is sure that no one owns the dog because of the dog’s previous condition. Kayla then brought the pooch home and gave him the name Russ.

At first, Russ was shy because he was new to Kayla’s home. When Kayla gave the dog assurance that he is already safe, the dog showed his real personality. According to Kayla, the dog is adorable and would often hug her whenever she comes home from work. Kayla said that she made the right decision to adopt Russ because the dog deserves nothing but the best.

And THIS right here people is why you should adopt!!! My niece and her newly adopted ACCT Philly dog of less than 2…

Posted by Jamie Holt on Monday, February 6, 2017

Credits to Jamie Holt.



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