Call it fate. Be it dogs or humans; if destiny wills you to be together again, it will just happen!

On her 10th birthday, Nicole Grimes received the best gift of her life. It was a Pomeranian Poodle Crossbreed wearing a pink bow on her head. This treasure was given to her by her dear grandmother, Nana. They named this adorable pooch, Chloe.

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The owner and her doggie became instant friends. Tied at the hips, they always spent precious time together.

However, the time came when Grimes had to give up this precious little creature. Chloe’s persistent yapping just got in the way of her father’s new job, which he did at their house.

Eventually, Grimes’ family had to ask among their friends if they could take in this cute doggie. When nobody could do the favor for them, they had no choice but to take her to Washington Area Humane Society for adoption. It was a sad separation for the two.

Fast forward 2018, Nicole had gotten married and has a young daughter. Now a pharmacy technician, she still longed to have a dog as part of their family.

While searching for one on Facebook, she spotted the same breed of dog she once had in her childhood, which was up for adoption. Oddly, that dog looked exactly like her dear Chloe. Coincidentally, the dog had the same name.

“On a whim,” she decided to adopt her. The moment Chloe came face to face with her, she recognized her owner and began licking her face. Nicole also knew deep in her that she was the dog she played with as a young child.

Her husband doubted that this doggo was indeed her old dog. To erase his doubts, they had Chloe’s microchip checked. Miraculously, Nicole is her real owner.

Source:  Stories of Animals via YouTube



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