Christmas is, and always will be, the best time of the year. It’s the closest thing we have to magic, where wishes get granted, dreams come true, and everyone does their part to make someone’s day.

This little boy’s a firm believer. He wanted a puppy for himself because he’s never had one. Ever since his sister had her own pet, this charming boy wanted one to call his own.


On this day, his family made it happen. They set up an elaborate scheme to throw this good boy off. They started by asking him to open a box for his gift, so he complied.

He got confused because the box contained dog stuff, so he thought it was for his sister. He good-naturedly shrugged it off, and that’s when grandma came in.

He hugged grams real tight, informing her he got the wrong box, and when mom asked him if that was so, he nodded and explained why. He abruptly stopped mid explanation because he saw something.

His adorable face showed that he recognized what’s going on when he saw the dog. Surprise, disbelief, and then gratitude were evident in his facial expressions.

Mom brought the dog over, and he couldn’t believe that he was finally having the dog of his dreams. He was a tiny black puppy, and we know that he’ll get so much love from this little boy.

The young man couldn’t express his thanks enough, and his family chuckled at his overwhelmed look. He wasted no time and held the puppy close.

The tiny doggo was a little restless, but he gave enthusiastic licks to his new master. We could tell that this duo will go places and make many happy memories together.

Thanks for reminding us to be patient and to be grateful for the little things. Have fun, you two!

Photo and video credits to Jeremy Gray via YouTube



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