Dogs’ senses are a hundred times better than ours. That’s why they excel in drug and bomb detection, locating missing people, and helping their humans manage health conditions.

A pup named Willow has extraordinary senses too, helping her save her humans from a burning disaster.

Willow sniffs fire

Willow is a Great Pyrenees with a fun, loving, and sweet personality. Willow loves her humans more than anyone in this world. And although she’s a somewhat skittish pup, she will do everything to keep her humans safe. Willow knew she has to brave when the time calls for it, and she’s able to prove that quite recently.


According to the dog’s mom, Caitlyn Radel-Paaby, Willow loves greeting her by the door. But the night before Thanksgiving this year, something about Willow was entirely off. Caitlyn returned home after shopping for groceries, and all she saw was her partner and baby hanging out downstairs. Willow was nowhere in sight.

Caitlyn knew right away that Willow is onto something, so she started looking for the pup. She eventually found the dog, hiding below the desk, intently staring at the wall. Willow looked agitated and refused to come out.

Willow saves her family

Curious, Caitlyn investigated what Willow was so nervous about and noticed the electrical outlet. She touched the outlet and found that it was so hot. The wires were starting to burn. Willow detected that a fire was about to start, and she was trying her best to warn her family.

Caitlyn immediately called the fire department to report the incident. The firefighters said that if Willow had not noticed the outlet right away, their home would have burned down overnight.

Caitlyn and her family are so grateful to have Willow in their lives. They couldn’t even begin to imagine what would have happened if Willow wasn’t there. As for Willow, the incident also proved that she’s now a big girl who can protect her family.

Thanks to Willow, Thanksgiving for Caitlyn’s family went smoothly this year. Indeed, Willow is their hero.

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