Humans are credited for the existence of life-saving science and technology, including medicines, hospitals, and all kinds of medical treatment. But we are not the only ones capable of saving lives. This is something we share with other sentient creatures–dogs specifically.

Dogs’ sense of smell has allowed them to serve as lifesavers in many disastrous events. But that’s not all they have got to offer. Dogs are equipped with sharp common sense, too.

Dogs are intelligent creatures. Experts even consider them as clever as a two-year-old human. While this simile may not sound as impressive, if you begin to consider everything that a two-year-old toddler can do, you will consequently get a reassuring grasp of what our canine friends are capable of doing as well.


Case in point: a police dog who knows how to perform CPR.

Photo courtesy of Viral Thread

Yes, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is not a skill limited to human beings. Dogs can do it, too. Madrid police force’s resident pup, Poncho, is a testament to this fact.

Poncho is a smart pooch. He is an integral member of Madrid’s police for. Check out this video to see his CPR skills.

Video courtesy of Fox News via YouTube

This video shows a police office playing dead in an Oscar-worthy performance. Soon enough Poncho comes to the officer’s rescue by giving the latter paw pumps on the chest, which is exactly how CPR works. In between those paw pumps, Poncho would check the officer’s mouth for signs of breathing.

The video of Poncho’s life-saving skills was posted to Twitter by the Madrid police force. Since posting, the video has already garnered numerous likes and retweets. It does not take a self-avowed dog aficionado to appreciate Poncho’s adorable vid.

Lifesavers are worthy of championing and celebrating.

Source: Viral Thread



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