Pit bulls are definitely some of the most misunderstood canine breeds. Most people are afraid of pit bulls, thinking these dogs are too aggressive and temperamental. For pit bull owners, however, this judgment is quite misguided and could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, pit bulls are capable of immense love and tenderness. These dogs are quite loyal to their adoptive families, and they will go out of their way to keep their humans safe from harm. Take for instance the story of Sasha.


Photo courtesy of Viral Thread

Sasha is a pit bull living with his doting family in Stockton, California. One day a fire broke in the family’s home, putting everyone in danger. But Sasha would not let anything bad happen to her beloved humans.

The fire erupted while the rest of Sasha’s family was asleep. Thanks to this pup’s keen sense for danger, she was able to realize what was happening and barked as loud as she could to alert her family. The first to wake up was Nana Chaichanhda, who immediately tried to get everyone to a safe place.

Video courtesy of ABC13 Houston via YouTube

Unfortunately, Nana could not reach the family’s baby. This is where Sasha took over. Sasha saved the baby from the raging fire by carrying her out of the house by the diaper.

Sasha is a pit bull that categorically discredits people’s preconceived ideas about this canine breed. As shown by her heroic deed, pit bulls are truly like any other dog breeds, capable of intense devotion to their humans.

The next time you take a visit to an animal shelter and see a pit bull, give him/her a chance. Do not be swayed by whatever preconceived notions you harbor. Pit bulls are great pets and if you shower them with all the love they deserve, they can and will reciprocate.

Source: Viral Thread



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