The unwavering loyalty and bravery of our dogs always fascinated us in more ways than ever. True enough, they are more than reliable when it comes to guarding and protecting our family in times of trouble.

This is the same truth proven once again by one woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico, one Sunday morning.


Alexandra Windish heard the back door of her home rattle at an unfamiliar early hour. It was unusual for someone to be at the back door during early 5 am, so it’s surprising.

Then, her dogs Ellie and Duchess woke up from their slumber and kept on barking and growling.

Alexandra peered through her window and saw a shadowy figure trying to fight off her two “girls”. She saw both Ellie and Duchess up to their feet attacking whoever it was outside and both dogs jumping on them.

She was certain her two dogs charged at someone who shouldn’t be in their yard. Suddenly, panic struck her, and she ran to grab her two-year-old son.

Alexandra found herself crying and freaking out as she grabbed her baby and held him close. She woke him and just held him as she freaks out.

She was able to gather enough composure to call 242-COPS by then, before locking herself upstairs with her son and two dogs in the bathroom. Her two “girls” never left her side and stood guard, snarling at the slightest noises.

After a few hours, while making her way to work, she saw a scene across to her neighbor’s house. There were cops and a firetruck which is odd.

She later found out that a woman was found and bloodied unconscious. Someone kicked the back door open and went through the house. She suddenly recalled the event earlier about the shadowy figure she saw. She thought about the possibilities that it was her in that situation.

Alexandra felt somewhat relieved and thankful that her dogs protected her and her child.

“…Without my dogs, that’s the only reason they stopped. It turns out our best friends really did their job,” she said.

Thanks to our friends from Albuquerque-Metro for sharing the original story.



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