Dogs will always be dogs. No matter how much we try to train them, it is no surprise that they will always find a way to do things their way.

They can be a handful, especially to those who have little to no patience. But even when they hit a nerve, you can never really get mad at them. Who could even get mad at those big puppy eyes?

A man who had just adopted a rescue Boxer soon found out the hard way. Ever since he adopted the adorable Boxer, he has never tried leaving her all by herself – that is, until one memorable day.


Layla, the Boxer in the video, has become quite the celebrity because of her antics. When Ashley Bamforth got Layla, he wanted to share with everyone updates of the adorable dog. And to do so, he set up a Facebook page and Youtube channel for Layla.

He posts videos and videos of Layla, documenting her life in her new forever home. One particular video of Layla became well-loved.

That video is one where Layla made a total mess of Ashley’s house. It all started when Ashley left Layla alone in the house. It was the first time he has ever done so, and he wasn’t sure what to expect when he gets home.

When he did get home, Layla greeted him with the mess that she has done. And to think, Ashley only left her alone for only 30 minutes!

Ashley was horrified to find that Layla had managed to open the bedroom door and tore through the bed lining. She even got herself stuck with the filling.

All that Ashley could do was document the mess that Layla made, and to think she even seemed proud of what she has done. She can even be seen wagging her tail as she shows off the damage she has done. Luckily for Layla, her owner is a softie when it comes to his beloved dog.

Watch how Layla redecorated Ashley’s house in the video below.

Source Layla the Boxer Dog via Youtube



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