Tricia Carter and the rest of her family are still sad about their dog, Bailey, who passed away last year. They are still struggling to fill the hole in their hearts. They still couldn’t think about adopting a new dog to replace Bailey.

But, one day, Carter’s friend sent her some photos of a bulldog-pit bull mix who looked just like Bailey. She thought, maybe it’s time to get a new dog for her family.

Carter mentioned that upon seeing the photos, she couldn’t help but feel reminded about Bailey. So, the following day, she went to the shelter where the pooch was staying.


The staff at the shelter didn’t know much about the pup’s background. But, they discovered that the pooch has already been taken to more than one shelter. Her owner abandoned her after realizing that she can no longer be used for breeding.

The dog who was named Lola looked so lonely when Carter first saw her. But, Carter knew that despite her sad appearance, the pooch is sweet and adorable. She just needs a new family to love her and care for her.

Carter narrated that Lola was very calm and quiet at the shelter. She also looked so down as if she’s living a very lonely life without a family. She also experienced being adopted before, but she just got returned to the shelter for some reason.

Before finally adopting Lola, Carter decided to check first if the pooch will get along with her teenage son. So, when Carter went back to the shelter with her son, she observed how the pooch behaved. Fortunately, Lola and Carter’s son seemed to get along really well from the moment they met.

Lola showed a wide smile to Carter and her son. It looks like the pooch really wanted to be part of the family, so Carter officially adopted her. Lola became very happy, and she enjoyed the ride home.

When Lola arrived at her new home, she immediately adapted to her new environment. She also slept soundly through the night with Carter’s son. Her face also glowed, and it seemed like she knows that she finally has a place to call home.

Credits to The Dodo for this heartwarming story.



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