James Middleton, an English entrepreneur and younger brother of Kate Middleton, brought the perfect date for the GQ Men of the Year Awards. He showed up at the London event with his adorable pooch, Ella.

The businessman walked at the red carpet wearing a burgundy jacket and a classic black bow tie. He posed for photos together with Ella, who was wearing “Pets as Therapy” Jacket, which represented an animal therapy charity in the UK. The duo was looking dapper together.

James shared some of their photos from the awards night. He captioned on the post that he should have won an award for bringing the best date for that night.


He’s very proud of his dogs, especially Ella. He even posted about the pooch becoming part of Pets as Therapy charity in December 2018.

According to James, animals can provide various benefits to humans. They offer comfort to people, and they try to make life less stressful. He added that animal-assisted therapy advocates mentioned that people improve their feelings of trust and self-worth when therapy dogs accompany them.

James also mentioned that Ella changed his life. The pooch has done a lot for him, and he wanted other people to experience the same benefits of having a therapy dog.

The young entrepreneur shared his constant battle with depression. He says that he is really grateful for having dogs around. These pooches make his life better, especially during hard times.

James has a few dogs aside from Ella. Their names are Inca, Luna, and Mabel. All of them helped James recover from emotional and mental stress.

He shared that Ella simply played a more significant role in his life because the pooch has been with him for ten years. She accompanied him through all his therapy sessions. Now, the duo volunteered in helping the Pets As Therapy charity.

James continued posting positivity on his Instagram account. He shares tips on how people can distress or fight anxiety or depression. He said that he wanted to raise awareness and bring change for people suffering from mental illness.

Thank you to James Middleton for sharing these adorable photos.



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