Dog abuse is very real. We may not be able to understand why some people choose to harm and neglect their fur babies, but the fact is that it happens. And that is a sad reality.

Thankfully, dog rescue efforts can turn this sad reality into a beautiful story with a happy ending. Such is the journey of a little dog named Baxter, who was abused by his former owner.

Baxter, a charming Pomeranian, was the victim of a dog abuser. His owner’s neighbor called animal control because they heard the sound of a dog yelping in pain. They said the dog could most likely be small.


They were right. When animal rescuers went to the house, they found little Baxter on the deck. He was unconscious. His body showed signs of beating. His owner left him on the deck, thinking he was dead.

The rescuers brought the dog to the Nebraska Humane Society, where doctors found out Baxter had a swelling on his brain. The doctors didn’t think he would survive. They were all happily surprised when he regained consciousness.

Unfortunately, he sustained permanent damage to his brain. The doctors assumed the injury was the result of repeated beatings the dog endured from his previous owner.

Everyone around Baxter helped him as much as they could. The little dog was also a fighter. Seeing all the love around him, Baxter slowly healed.

Because of his injuries, he never stood straight or walked straight again. This didn’t snuff out the life in Baxter, who turned out to be a sweet and playful dog.

And his story didn’t end there. Despite Baxter’s permanent injuries, a woman from Nebraska Humane Society knew she had to adopt the adorable dog. The loving home she gave him was a stark contrast to the abusive one he had before.

Finally, Baxter knew what it felt to be in a forever home. His story continues to serve as an inspiration for dog rescuers to keep going, knowing their efforts can change the dogs’ lives. Watch Baxter’s story in the video below.

Source: NeHumaneSociety via YouTube



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