Waking up to wet kisses and warm, furry hugs is arguably the best way to ease into the morning. It’s the best way to transition from the land of dreams to reality. We find ourselves smiling the moment we feel those gentle pecks on our cheeks and fluffy fur on our bodies.

This is what Parker, a two-year-old from Manchester, New England, wakes up to each morning. Millie, his beloved Husky, would spend the wee hours of the morning trying to wake him up. She would lie down beside him and gently give him a gentle nudge or a kiss on the cheek to let him know it’s time to rise.

Best pals since day one

Parker and Millie have been inseparable pals since his parents, Aaron and Kieghley Wallman, brought him home. He and his parents had been staying in the hospital after his mother gave birth to him. The Wallmans had to wait for the doctor to give them the go signal to bring Parker home.


Millie was excited to welcome the tiny human. She wagged her tail nonstop when the Wallmans introduced Parker to her. The instant connection between the two was undeniable, and they’ve been staying by each other’s side ever since.

Parker has one human brother whose name is Kade. His two other Husky siblings are Lola and Rupert. Of all the siblings he has, however, it’s Millie he’s drawn to the most.

The furry alarm clock

Aaron’s aware of the uber close friendship that his son and the Husky has. He’s also been taking advantage of it. Why? Well, Parker can be a tad bit too grumpy whenever people wake him up.

This became a problem for the couple during their first few months with him. The only time his morning tantrums ended was when his mornings started with Millie. Check out how happy Parker is whenever Millie would wake him up in the video below:

Credits to milperthusky



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