We all love puppies after all what is not to love?  They are adorable, fun, energetic, playful and curious.  With their energy, curiosity and playfulness you have to take precautions to protect them in your home and protect your home from them.

Your new best friend should be with you at all times!  They are in need of your constant supervision for their protection.  When you are out your puppy needs to be in a crate and should be left for no more than a few hours.  They will need to be protected in a crate in your absence until they are grown and trained.

Have plenty of chew toys for your puppy.  This will give them options for chewing instead of getting into something that could harm them.  Keep all items out of puppy’s reach including laundry and shoes.


Secure and lock in a cabinet all toxic items.  Food, medication, chemicals, cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals, pest control chemicals, automotive chemicals, etc.  Also be mindful of spills and make sure the area is throughly cleaned.  

Batteries are also dangerous.  Make sure all items containing batteries are prevented from chewing such as remotes, toys, flashlights, etc.

Make sure all purses, bags, kid’s book bags etc. are zipped and put in a closet that is closed.  There are many items in a bag that could harm your puppy such as lotion which would be toxic if consumed.  

Cover all electric cords.  You can purchase well made and durable covers for cords.

Trash cans need to be covered and preferably in a cabinet.  Your puppy could do more than just make a mess, they could consume something dangerous that would be toxic or cause an obstruction.

Houseplants need to be completely out of reach for your puppy. Chewing on plants is very dangerous for your puppy and could cause serious complications.  Also make sure no leaves are able to fall on the floor where they could chew them.  If you need to find a new home for your house plant you could trying donating it to a senior center.  You could make someone’s day by stopping in, telling them your story and offering the plant.



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