Holidays are always fun for you and your family. There are lots of parties, bright lights, and music, but these things may not be fun for your dog. There are many things involved in celebrating the holidays that are dangerous for your pet. These tips will help you avoid any disasters and still have fun celebrating.


Gifts are fun during the holidays! You show your friends and family your gratitude by giving them something, but these items may not always be safe for your furry friend.

It is important to ask each person if this gift would be safe to be around your pet. It is a good idea to keep presents out of the reach of your dog anyway, but especially if they could harm your dog in any way.


Holiday decorations


Decorations are some of the best parts of the year. There is nothing more fun than decking out your house in lights, bows, ribbons, and ornaments. These things, however, could be a big hazard for your dog. The bright colors and patterns on some decorations, especially ribbons, draw in your dog and could be seriously harmful if your pet eats them. It is a good idea when opening gifts to move the wrapping away as soon as possible.

Remember, those hanging decorations, as well as ones that use electricity, are very dangerous for your dog. Keep all parts of those decorations out of reach of your pet!

Holiday plants

There are lots of plants that are used to decorate your house around the holidays. Some of those plants could potentially be poisonous for your dog. Some of the ones to watch out for are lilies, azaleas, holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias. Try to keep these as far away from your dog as possible.

Holiday food

Holiday food is some of the most looked forward to of the whole year. But these foods may contain ingredients that can harm your dog. Chocolate is one ingredient that people generally know not to feed dogs. Grapes and raisins are also toxic for your dog.

Check for these in food like cookies. Xylitol is an ingredient that is harder to find because it is not usually disclosed blatantly on the packaging, but it’s extremely toxic. It is a sugar alternative and it is used in lots of foods nowadays, especially around the holidays so read your labels carefully.

Guest attire

If you are keen on throwing lots of parties during the holiday season, chances are, lots of purses and coats will be coming through your door. Your dog will be overwhelmed with lots of new sights and smells. They will most likely be interested in digging through your guests’ things. If your dog comes across things like drugs or gum, it could be hazardous for your dog. The best idea is to have your guests put their things in a room or a place which your dog cannot access.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to have a safe, fun, and uneventful holiday season!



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