Homeless dogs or strays constantly live in danger. We often see strays wandering busy streets, which can lead to cars accidentally hitting them. This is why I always call the local animal rescue organizations in my area whenever I see a stray dog. They all deserve to be rescued and find a forever home.

An animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles called Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless dog wandering the streets. They were told that the dog appeared to be anxious and scared of humans.

When the animal rescue volunteers arrived, they saw the dog sitting under a tree. One of the animal rescue volunteers tried to win the dog’s trust by feeding it with pieces of hamburgers. However, when she got closer, the dog got scared and started walking away.


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The rescue volunteers followed the dog in a car, hoping that she would get in a walled or fenced area. However, the dog just went in circles and went back to the same place where they first saw her.

The animal rescue volunteers found out that the dog was waiting for someone. A woman named Elizabeth Serrato happened to see what was happening and informed the rescuers that she could help them trap the dog. They gladly accepted the help, and they soon found out why.

When Elizabeth went near the dog, they observed that the dog started wagging her tail. The stray dog knew who Elizabeth was, and she even greeted her by jumping on her asking Elizabeth to pet her.

The rescue volunteers learned that Elizabeth gave the dog food every day and that the dog trusts her. She had a hamburger with her, and she placed it inside the cage. The dog gladly went inside the cage and ate the burger. When the dog’s body was safely inside the cage, Elizabeth closed the cage securing the dog.

The rescuers were very thankful for Elizabeth’s help and stayed for a while to chat. After the rescue, they took the dog to their facility to get checked. Besides being dirty and having a few ticks and fleas, she was generally healthy. They named the dog Maya and gave her a medicated bath to get rid of the dirt, and ticks and fleas.

It didn’t take long for Maya to warm up to her rescuers. She started playing with them and even cuddled with one of the rescuers on a couch. Eventually, Maya was taken to the Lovejoy Foundation, where she will be cared for until she finds a forever home.

Maya eventually came out of her shell and became a very lively dog with a happy personality. She loves to play, and she even made new friends at her foster home. Here’s a heartwarming video of Maya’s rescue and how people like Elizabeth makes a huge difference in the lives of dogs like Maya.

Source Video from YouTube via Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel



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