Dogs and mailmen have always been portrayed as natural enemies. There was something about the mailman’s regular schedule of dropping by to deliver mail that most dogs don’t seem to like. It’s a belief that has been around for quite a while, even in this age of the internet.

However, one particular dog doesn’t follow the typical canine response to mail carriers. Moose, the Golden Retriever, met their new mailman and saw beyond the truck of undelivered mail. He sniffed and found a potential friend within.

Golden Retrievers are well-known family dogs, mainly because of their loyalty and friendliness. But Moose isn’t your typical Goldy. His big heart lets him disregard societal stereotypes.


A new mailman just started his route around Moose’s area. It only took one look for Moose to sense the man’s friendly vibe. He watched the mailman from inside his house, staring out from behind a window.

Moose asked his owner to let him out. It was love at first sight. The two bonded instantly, with the friendly pooch meeting the mailman halfway and practically jumping into his arms.

Meghan Gruszynski, Moose’s mom, was delighted at how close the two have become. She was amazed at how much affection the mailman poured on to her sweet dog, and how readily Moose soaked in all that love. From that moment on, Moose sat outside, waiting patiently for his buddy to arrive.

Meghan learned that their mailman recently lost his dog. She figured that might be the reason for his immediate connection with Moose. The mailman enjoyed the attention Moose was giving him, stepping out of his vehicle to greet the canine first before taking care of the mail.

She hoped this remarkable bond between their mailman and the charming Moose would last for many more years to come. The pure joy that the two exchange each day was indeed a sight to see.

Video courtesy of The Life Of Moose via Instagram



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