Every day thousands of dogs get abandoned all over the world. But thankfully some people made it their business to save these animals as many as they can. Over the years, animal rescue groups have emerged, helping thousands of abandoned and neglected animals all over the world.

Meet Ghost, a rescue pit bull mix. He was born deaf, and because of this condition, he was considered to be ‘unadoptable.’ He was dumped in an animal shelter in Florida until an animal rescue group heard about him. Swamp Haven is based in Florida that helps these animals find their forever home.

Swamp Haven immediately called the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Washington to see if they could take the sweet pup in. The humane society had just recently started a program which involved the training of deaf dogs. Ghost had to stay in Swamp Haven for a time as his transport would take approximately 12 weeks from Florida to Washington. The animal shelter found Ghost to be adorable, loving and hyperactive despite his condition.


Finally, the day came when the Ghost has to be transferred to Washington. The Olympic Peninsula Humane Society enlisted the help of Babara Davenport. She is an expert when it comes to training special needs dogs like Ghost.

After Davenport met Ghost, she knew that the playful pit bull mix would be a perfect drug detection dog for the Department of Corrections. Davenport asked Joe Henderson to help her create hand signals to teach Ghost in his future to be a K-9 for the Department of Corrections.

Watch Ghost in action during one of his training with Davenport and Henderson below.

Ghost successfully finished his training with flying colors and is now officially Washington’s first deaf K-9.

From being considered as ‘unadoptable,’ Ghost is now a respected K-9 who loves his job and enjoys every minute of it. This only shows that animals deserve a second chance no matter what their situations will be.

Source Wochit News via YouTube





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