Most dog owners go all out to pamper their dogs and give them a life of royalty. But if there is a prize for being the world’s most doting fur parent, then this chef from Australia is sure to take home the prize. You see, not only is he giving his pups a loving home, but he is also feeding them mouthwatering, Michelin-style meals!

Twenty-nine-year-old Daniel Tomas had always had a passion for food and cooking. That was why it was no longer shocking that he chose to become a chef and a personal trainer for individuals who want to reach their health and nutrition goals.

For the past several years, Daniel had worked in this field and had started a coffee shop business of his own, too. However, just last year, he was inspired to pursue a different kind of culinary journey, one where he wouldn’t serve humans but dogs!


greek salad, feta, shell

This decision of his came after his rescue Kelpie named Joey developed an autoimmune disease that, when left untreated, would likely take away his nose. Visits to a traditional vet didn’t prove fruitful for the pup, so Daniel thought of taking him to a holistic vet instead.

There he learned the benefits of raw and fresh food to a canine’s health. Being an experienced chef himself, the fur dad decided to try and DIY some raw meals for Joey. The first few dishes came out with positive feedback from the Kelpie and Daniel’s two other dogs, Caelan and Alkali.

That was when the fur dad decided to continue feeding his dogs with raw food only, documenting the dishes and the meal prep process along the way. So far, he had already created tasty dinners like dog-friendly ramen, Greek yogurt ice cream, whole lamb served with quail eggs, and pizza donuts! Watch one of his famous dishes here.


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