Kovu, a beautiful Siberian Husky, has been living with his family ever since he was a pup. He is never ashamed to express his feelings frankly.

Tate Hegstrom, Kovu’s dad, shared that Kovu possessed a unique personality. He added that Kovu is loving, caring, and undeniably outspoken. Also, Kovu’s voice can show various emotions that depend on his temper.

Hegstrom is working as an administrative resident officer in a healthcare institution, called HealthONE, in Denver. But, he has an interest in music. He even learns that Kovu is a music lover and sings along every time he plays the guitar.


At HealthONE, Hegstrom did witness how important health providers are in battling the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, he was motivated to offer an inspirational song to each health worker who is doing a great help.

He wished to cheer them up and lift their souls amidst a difficult time. Kovu realized that he wanted to help also.

Hegstrom decided to record himself while rendering the “Lean On Me” song. Just as he began singing, Kovu suddenly joined in.

Kovu howled loudly along to the song very perfectly. In the end, he leaned into Hegstrom, which reminds everybody that we need support and love.

Hegstrom then posted the recorded video on his Instagram account, hoping it could bring a little smile to some faces. He was happy when a lot of people gave him and Kovu positive reactions.

In this time of crisis, Hesgstrom said that being physically connected as one community is very difficult. Thus, most people do engage in finding a community online. During this pandemic, a video of an adorable dog singing a song that is spiritually elevating is something we needed.

Here is a video that shows a very inspiring story.

Video credit Good Morning America via YouTube



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