James Hill and Scott Candlish are the founders of Pawseidon Canine Wellness, a canine hydrotherapy facility in Poole, Dorset. Their experiences with injury and loss inspired the pair to harness the power of water to make a difference in dogs’ lives.

James and Scott are former dog handlers for the Royal Marines. Both of them sustained injuries while on active duty, and both lost their canine companions Zero and Max as well.

James was in Afghanistan when he found himself in the middle of a gun battle. He ended up with six gunshot wounds on his legs, and one bullet even grazed his helmet.


As a consequence, James developed a condition called foot drop. The muscles on his legs became weak, causing an inability to lift the front part of his left foot. James was also unable to feel his lower left leg at all.

His dog Zero, who was with him in Afghanistan, was also gravely wounded during the battle. Unfortunately, it proved to be fatal.

Scott and his canine Max, meanwhile, endured debilitating injuries during practice. Eventually, Max had to be euthanized.

In their journey to recovery, James and Scott tried hydrotherapy. It worked so well for the vets that they introduced a hydrotherapy pool to their military peers.

Eventually, the two friends realized that they could also use hydrotherapy to help improve dogs’ quality of life. James and Scott felt a bit lost after leaving the Royal Marines, but this idea energized them and got them back on track.

Since James and Scott enjoy being around dogs, managing their canine clients at Pawseidon doesn’t feel like work at all. They also appreciate how hydrotherapy can prolong the lives of injured dogs and help senior canines cope better with the pains and aches that come with age.

Pawseidon’s services can even help pooches with behavioral issues. Highly driven canines get bored when they don’t get enough mental stimulation, and this is when problems start manifesting. However, exercising in the water provides them the challenge they need.

The business is still relatively new, but it has been getting rave reviews from customers who have seen significant improvements in their pooches. Watch James and Scott working with dogs in their facility here:

Injured marines turn water into dog therapy

Fomer Royal Marine dog handlers Scott and James were injured while on duty and their dogs, Max and Zero, were killed.

Posted by BBC South on Monday, September 2, 2019

Source: BBC South on Facebook and Pawseidon Canine Wellness on Facebook



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