It’s always heartwarming to see fluffy, adorable pets that work hard to obey your commands. It’s even more so when they work double-time just to show that they hear you.

This adorable puppy wagged its tail and was so happy to see and play with its human. This doggo’s excitement was pretty hard to contain as it enjoyed a couple of chin rubs from its hooman.


Four chubby legs supported the chow puppy’s plump body, and they looked like drumsticks from afar. The pup wasn’t aware of all that; it was just focused on getting some more loving rubs.

Then its hooman called for it to climb up. The adorable furball obeyed, but its weight and little legs couldn’t get to where the little rascal needed to be. Its attempts resulted in the fuzzball falling on its rump.

While it was adorable to watch, the pup’s disappointment was evident; it tried to look for another point where it could climb from, but the results were the same.

The pup couldn’t jump, so it carefully thought of what it could do. It focused on getting his upper body up first, and then its hind legs fumbled to push all its weight up.

Hard work did pay off, and the pup was able to get its whole body up eventually. Excellent job, pup! You must be proud of yourself, and you have every right to be.

You just proved that when there’s a will, no amount of failure could keep you from finding a way. At such a young age, you already learned a valuable lesson, and now you’re at an advantage.

We’re glad that its hooman didn’t lack in motivating the pup and rewarding it after its hard work. You’re adorable, pet, and we couldn’t help but wish you were ours!

Photo and video credits to The Pet Collective via YouTube



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