Hurricanes are terrifying and dangerous. Strong winds can easily uproot trees and destroy houses, and the torrential rain that comes with it can cause flooding. Most people who live in the path of an oncoming hurricane usually evacuate to a safer place until the storm passes. However, for one family, evacuating wasn’t an option.

Jesse Cadena and his wife Lisa First are animal rights advocates who have been fostering dogs for many years. They live in Texas with fourteen dogs that they adopted from rescue shelters.

Although their household can be a little chaotic, Jesse and Lisa wouldn’t have it any other way. They love having the dogs around, and they often take them for a swim out in the nearby pond.


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However, their lives were about to take a turn for the worse. The town they live in got hit by a hurricane. The hurricane hit hard on a Friday afternoon, and the water started rising in the early hours of Sunday. The water level got high enough that it flooded the inside of their house. The only dry things were at the top of the table and their bed.

Thankfully, Jesse and Lisa were prepared and stocked plenty of food before the storm came. They were urged to evacuate, but the husband and wife team knew that they couldn’t leave their dogs behind. They knew that there is no way that they could find a place for all of their dogs. So, they decided to stay with them and make the most out of it.

Lisa couldn’t imagine herself being separated from their dogs, and they did whatever it took for them to survive the floods. The dogs they rescued already lived a tough life in the streets of Houston, and they made sure that they would never feel abandoned ever again.

Five days after the hurricane, the rain broke, and the flood started to subside. Although life didn’t instantly go back to normal, Lisa and Jesse began rebuilding and preparing for what’s next. Here’s a heartwarming video telling how Lisa and Jesse refused to evacuate during the hurricane and abandoning their pets. They made sure that their pets were safe during and after the storm.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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