Dana Fine and Steven Blitzstein wanted to cheer their daughter up because she has not seen her friends since the lockdown started. Dana and Steven thought that fostering a dog would be a great way to keep them busy because they are all at home together.

Dana knew that it would take a while before they can safely leave their house, so they decided to call the shelter to tell them that they are willing to foster any dog. The shelter told Dana that they have two 7-week-old puppies available for foster.


Family Fosters A Pair Of Puppies — And The Dad Falls In Love

The way this dad says goodbye to his foster puppy ❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, May 1, 2020


Dana shared that they named the two pups Hansel and Gretel right after picking them up. Dana said that the puppies played with her daughter as soon as they got home from the shelter.

Dana shared that her daughter misses seeing everyone so much, which was why she was feeling sad since the quarantine started. Dana said that having Hansel and Gretel around helped her little girl have the social interaction she needed.

Dana said that her daughter has been playing a lot with Hansel and Gretel, and the two puppies did a great job of keeping her little girl entertained. Dana shared that her baby’s mood improved ever since the pups came into their lives.

Steven recalled that Hansel and Gretel woke them up at five in the morning twice. Steven shared that he was not sure why, but he realized that the pups pooped in their kennel when he walked closer to them.

Dana shared that Hansel and Gretel have been driving them crazy for almost a week. However, she said that she could not stay mad for long because the puppies were acting adorable.

Hansel got adopted on the thirtieth day, while Gretel was going to stay with them for a little longer. Dana and Steven shared that they were going to miss Hansel, but they are happy that he finally has a family.

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