Bear is an amazing family dog with a mixed breed of Labrador and Retriever. He risked his life to save his 14-month-old human named Stanley. According to the report, Patricia, Stanley’s mom, went to the garage for a minute to get some gardening tools. She thought her son was just right behind her, but apparently, he was not.

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When she realized that the boy wasn’t behind her, she started looking for him everywhere. She
was shocked upon seeing Stanley inside the pool floating, with his face already turning blue. She immediately ran towards Stanley and to her surprise, she saw Bear underneath him making sure that Stanley’s head is out of the water.


She immediately grabbed Stanley by the hand and then she called 911. Unfortunately, the call won’t go through. Desperate for help, she carried her son with all her might and brought him to the nearest fire department to get some help. She continued calling 911 while they were on their way to the fire department until someone finally took the call.

As soon as the 911 dispatcher learned about what happened, he immediately sent out a rescue team to Patricia’s location. The emergency response team quickly examined the poor boy and took him to the hospital for further tests. Luckily, Stanley’s lungs were clear and free from any unnecessary water. Stanley just needed to stay at the hospital for a few days and was discharged as soon as he got better.

Patricia could not thank Bear enough for saving her son. She kept on crying just thinking that she would have lost her son forever without any notice. If not for Bear’s heroic deed, Stanley’s condition may have been worse. The love and care their family showed to Bear paid off as he proved his loyalty and faithfulness with them as well.

Watch the video below:


Credits: Wood TV8 via YouTube



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