When Harry’s mother found him, he was in terrible shape. He had scars and open wounds all over his body. His injuries indicated that he was abused.

His mother provided him with a small black dog house to sleep in. He was so scared of people that he never goes out of that house.


When his mother would bring him food, he would never eat it in her presence. Sometimes, he would never eat it at all. He would hesitate going out of his house.

His mother would try to bring the food inside and hand-feed him. He would never take the food that she is offering. He was too frightened.

It has been well over a year, but nothing has changed. His mother wants him to open up, but no matter how hard she tries to convince him, it never works. A vet was called to check out the situation.

The vet took Harry’s vital signs and found out that Harry’s heart was racing. He looked calm on the outside, but his heart was beating very fast. He was terrified that strangers were surrounding him.

The vet explained that because of his fear, he finds the black house as his shield from the outside world. The doctor advised that the house be taken away.

When Harry was carried out of the house, he jumped from the arms of the man who took him. He tried to go back to the house, but the doctor blocked his way. Harry was so scared that he wanted to go back to the house that gave him a sense of security.

His new sleeping quarters were in a more open space. The doctor said that this would encourage him to open up as well. Harry has shown tremendous improvement since he was moved.

He now allows his mother to comfort him, and even accepts the treats that his mom has to offer. That’s progress.

Source SBS TV via YouTube



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