Dogs are known for their caring and protective traits. Not only do they provide companionship but also like to tend to those who are in need. A nine-year-old German shepherd named Sarge is an excellent example of this.

Sarge isn’t always the kind-hearted dog that he is today. His mom, Cheryl, admitted that he used to be a grumpy pup and was not at all friendly.

Things started to change when Cheryl brought home an unusual friend. It was a fawn named Buckwheat.


Cheryl found Buckwheat in the middle of the road, almost lifeless. He looked so weak and was abandoned by his mother. Not knowing what exactly happened to Buckwheat’s mom, Cheryl decided to bring the poor fawn home.

Cheryl did expect any special reaction from the grumpy dog. She just wanted to provide a haven for the fawn to recover.

To Cheryl’s surprise, Sarge acted so interested in Buckwheat. He started to look after the frail fawn. It’s as if he wanted to involve himself in every aspect of Buckwheat’s recovery. Right there, he decided to become the fawn’s designated guardian.

Not long, Buckwheat regained his health. It was finally the right time for him to be released back to the wild.

Sarge, being the designated guardian, seems happy to see his fawn back to where he truly belongs. But since then, he did not let go of his role as a designated guardian.

According to Stephen, Cheryl’s husband, Sarge started to desire to take care of animals in need. He likes to check on them and nose on their conditions. Those animals that he looks after seemed to also love his presence.

With the viral story and photos of Sarge caring for the fawn, his parents hope to spread awareness on protecting all kinds of animals. They believe that animals deserve better treatment from us, humans. If Sarge, a once grumpy dog, could care for other animals, there’s no way we can’t do the same.

Indeed, Sarge is one good boy. His family will always be proud of what he has become.

Source @buckys_porch via Instagram



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