When two couples were out at sea during their annual boating tradition to celebrate a pair of birthdays, they came upon something that surprised them.

Bruce Knecht, along with his wife and another couple, were celebrating a pair of birthdays out in the Gulf of Mexico, which is almost 618,000 square miles. During their trip, Bruce saw something in the water, which he thought was a buoy at first. However, when they got closer, they saw it move, and Bruce immediately saw it to be a dog in an animal life vest.

The Jack Russell terrier was so small that it would’ve been impossible to find him if Bruce were more than ten feet away from where he saw that dog, they wouldn’t have seen him.


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The group stopped their boats, and the dog swam directly towards them. One of Bruce’s companions, Michael, pulled the dog out of the water, and it looked exhausted.

The group used their radio to call the Coast Guard to inform them about what they found in the water. The Coast Guard told them that someone reported a dog that went overboard over three hours ago.

The owner of the dog had been informed, and the boaters went straight to the nearest Coast Guard station. As soon as they arrived at the Coast Guard station to hand over the dog, the owner of the dog also came and frantically crying out the dog’s name, which was Jagermeister.

Jagermeister’s owner had tears in his eyes from crying and stated that he searched for as long as he could. However, he already gave up and thought he lost him and was so relieved when he heard the news about Jagermeister being found.

The owner, Shawn Sahr, stated that he went down to the bilge to check something and found his dog was nowhere in sight when he came back up.

Jagermeister is one lucky dog. Due to the vast size of The Gulf of Mexico and the choppy waves at that time meant that people should be within five to ten feet away from the dog to see him. Here’s a video of the miraculous rescue.

Video Source Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay via YouTube



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