We’re quick to pull out our wallets when we see dogs at pet stores. There’s this immediate desire to bring that dog home, no matter how expensive they may be. What’s interesting about this is, a lot of people are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes of these puppy mills.

Female dogs never get to rest after giving birth to litters of puppies. They are confined in kennels and are prohibited from socializing or receiving any kind of healthcare. One they’re done giving birth, they’re forced to breed so that they can produce puppies again.

Saving Almira

Almira, an Alabai, used to live in a puppy mill. Her previous owners would only feed her, so her reproductive cycle does not get disturbed. That’s the only thing they did to take care of her. When she’s not carrying puppies in her womb, her previous owners forced her to breed. This went on for years.


All that breeding and birthing eventually took a toll on Almira’s body. Her uterus fell out, and she developed all sorts of diseases. When her previous owners realized she couldn’t breed anymore, they left her out on the street to die.

Another chance in life

Almira was close to crossing the rainbow bridge, but the universe had other plans for her. Animal rescue volunteers found her body lying on one of the garages in Nalchik, Russia. They identified her condition as critical, and they immediately gave her all the medical intervention she needed.

Almira’s a lot better now, but the volunteers still need to keep a close eye on her. She also goes on regular visits to the vet to address issues with her weight. Almira currently shares shelter space with six other dogs, and she’s slowly learning how to socialize. The volunteers are hoping to find Almira’s forever home soon.

Credits to Liza



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