Dogs are man’s best friend. No wonder, some dog owners will do anything to let their pooches know that they love them. This man literally went out of his way to celebrate his dog’s birthday.

Maxx Chewning was so happy to celebrate his dog’s 1st birthday. He wanted to let his beloved pet know that he was really special.

Maxx decided to film the entire day with Dood, his dog. The two went from one place to another. Maxx took Dood for a walk. He also bought his pooch a “puppuccino,” which Dood enjoyed so much.


One of the highlights of Dood’s special day is when Maxx showed him the billboard that he rented. It said, “Happy Birthday, Dood.”

Maxx really wanted to let the world know that it’s Dood’s birthday. Some of his friends questioned his actions. They told him that it was a waste of money because the pooch couldn’t even read.

Despite the negative comments from friends and backlash from netizens, Maxx still believed that it was a good idea. He said that he couldn’t see anything wrong with showing Dood some love.

Maxx also mentioned that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. So, he said that he might as well spend some extra money to appreciate his best pal.

Maxx narrated that the billboard company was also amazed by his idea. They never displayed a birthday greeting for a pet before. No wonder, they were all supportive of Maxx. They thought it was fun and creative.

According to Maxx, Dood loved being around people. The dog always goes with him even when he needed to go to work. They were basically inseparable.

Maxx said that Dood brings joy to his life. Before Dood came to his life, Maxx never imagined that he could feel that much happiness. He was really grateful for having Dood.

Thank you to Maxx Chewning for sharing this adorable story.



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